Enhance your BIM interoperability

BIMSOCKet is a bidirectional cloud socket to connect any type of AEC software in real time.

How it works

It just takes 3 simple steps to get you started


1. Create a Socket


2. Install a Connector


3. Upload a Model


Connect anything you want in real time

Automatic synchronization

Connect to BIMSOCKet and every change you make in one program will be reflected in the others that are connected to your socket

Data Base Storage

When you use BIMSOCKet everything is saved in a database. Any changes you make offline will be updated as soon as you connect again

Format Agnostic

BIMSOCKet currently uses Json as the exchange format but any other format like IFC, glTF, etc. can be used as well

Multi Model Capability

You can create multiple Sockets and later upload them all together so every modification will only affect the source model

Useful API

With the BIMSOCKet API, you can not only share information but also process it or modify it before it reaches any other programs

Easy Plugin

Creating a project in BIMSOCKet is easy: just create a database, install your software node, and then select the created database

About Us


Our Mission

We are a team of geeks very passionate about technology and construction. Our mission is to create a tool that enables AEC professionals to reach a full interoperability state between all the available tools in the market. We created BIMSOCKet having all of our clients needs over the years in mind

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